Move, Live, Thrive (Ebook)

Move, Live, Thrive (Ebook)

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Move, Live, Thrive

A Different Approach to Movement and Training for Health, Performance & Longevity

This book is written as a modern yet concise system of the most powerful knowledge, techniques and tools that I have gathered over decades of experience as an athlete, coach, patient, creator, and student of all things movement. The goal is to create a foundation that allows participants to pursue greater health, happiness, performance, looks and longevity alike.

While the content in this book has tremendous application to people of every level, background, ability and age, it ultimately is designed for those who have the desire for a deeper understanding of how their body works and greater capacity to get real results. My hope with this course is to not only help people move better, but to inspire others to upgrade their relationship with movement and their body.

Functional fitness or functional training is the philosophy of optimizing quality of life through specific movement training. It’s about enhancing understanding, ability, efficiency, capacity and confidence. It emphasizes the development of key physical qualities so that one can tackle any task or activity that stands before them in life.

In this course you will get coaching on Functional Fitness Foundations which is a simple system that I created for exploring human movement in a new and unique way. Essentially every important movement quality and skill that you can develop is rooted in the foundational ideas highlighted in this course. You will receive insight into the top tips and tools for making immediate progress in how well you move, feel, look and live. Whether you are a seasoned pro, professional athlete or complete beginner, I guarantee that the insight in this course can bring massive value to your life

Why is a Better Approach to Fitness More Important Than Ever?

Let’s face it, humans move significantly less than they used to. It’s no coincidence that the rise in sedentary lifestyle is mirrored by a severe decline in health and fitness across the general population. In addition, the influence of culture has created a convoluted approach to fitness among the general population. The prevailing approach to “working out” focuses on reducing the body down to individual parts and isolated movements as opposed to a functioning whole. This only exacerbates the growing state of physical dysfunction. A lack of quality movement education has made training efficacy and safety a major concern, even among personal trainers and athletic coaches. Move, Live, Thrive emerged from the need for an empowering and holistic tool for improving the human condition.

“Do something today that your future self will thank you for”

Ebook Chapters & Topics:

  1. Bodies Were Made to Move
  2. A Different Perspective on Movement
  3. A Better Approach to Fitness Is More Important Than Ever
  4. Bryan’s Top Tips
  5. The Elements of Functional Fitness Foundations
  6. Harmony: The Dance Between Mobile & Stabile Joints
  7. Dynamic Stretching
  8. Fascial Health & Foam Rolling Done Right
  9. Your Hips Are Where the Magic Happens
  10. Igniting the Hips
  11. Explore Your Core & More
  12. Breathing
  13. Foundational Functional Patterns
  14. Posture
  15. Crawling
  16. Walking
  17. Running
  18. Getting Up & Getting Down
  19. Landing & Descending
  20. Falling
  21. Jumping
  22. Climbing
  23. Lifting
  24. Carrying
  25. Without Recovery There Is No Growth
  26. Additional Tools & Resources

Customer Reviews

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Fun, quick and engaging read

Move, Live, Thrive is an extremely thoughtful approach towards how to live an active and healthy life in our current modern day society. From self myofascial release, to incorporating play and breath work, Bryan does a great job of highlighting long forgotten techniques that are crucial to being healthy in the present day.

Amazing amount of great info in 34 pages!!!

Love this E book!There is so much useful info for anyone trying to live a long healthy life.Bryan hits the mark with the idea that our bodies need to be well rounded through several modalities of exercise.Check this out I highly recommend it for your health and longevity!!