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Hi Friend,

Bryan Osuna here! I am the founder of Committed HP, a Master Trainer, and a life-long student to the art of helping others. My ultimate calling and passion is coaching people to feel, function, look and live better. Let me tell you a little bit about how we can help you, and, if you are at all interested in learning more or connecting, simply book a call with me! 

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Let me ask, DO YOU...


• FEEL CONFUSED because there's way too much info out there?

• STRUGGLE with the feeling that there's not enough time in the week?

• WORK OUT LIKE CRAZY without truly knowing if you're doing the right thing?

• FEEL READY TO COMMIT TO COMMIT TO YOUR HEALTH AND FITNESS but don't know where to start or who to reach out to?

    I have been there!

    In fact, the only reason I feel so confident in what I do, and, why I get the results that I get with myself clients, is because I have been to the depths of these struggles myself. I know how to put myself in your shoes because I've worn many shoes and walked many miles in them.

    Of course, everybody's journey is different, and that's where experience, education and compassion comes in!

    Let me get to the point my friend...

    This system is different because it GETS RESULTS and CHANGES LIVES by emphasizing a few CRITICAL ITEMS:

    1) We help you discover the goals and actions that are the MOST REAL AND MEANINGFUL TO YOU. No more old-school cookie cutter programs or goals that set you up for failure.

    2) We work with you to create a robust foundation for success consisting of a personalized program, specific resources, and the skillset that you need to ACHIEVE RESULTS THAT LAST. Coaching sessions alone are not enough for us to change our lives.

    3) We take a holistic approach to health and performance, using both compassion and experience to help you GET TO THE ROOT OF YOUR PAIN, DYSFUNCTION AND STRUGGLES. This is where the real magic happens.

    4) We guide you to success using our proprietary system which is ultimately designed to help you become more CLEAR, CONFIDENT and CAPABLE while TAKING ACTUAL OWNERSHIP of your fitness, health, healing and happiness.

    It's your turn to become more confident and capable.

    It's your time to break through the struggle and to take ownership over your actions and goals.

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    What specifically do we help people with?

    ✔️ Fitness & Athletic Performance 
    ✔️ Injury Prevention, Corrective Exercise & Recovery
    ✔️ Holistic Lifestyle Coaching
    ✔️ Healthy Weight Loss & Management

      What sets our coaching apart?

      What we know about health, fitness, performance and human behavior has changed dramatically over the years. Now, more than ever, we realize how critical it is to look at each client as a whole person when creating a game plan for their success. This includes understanding their history, medical concerns, personality, preferences, lifestyle and motivating factors along with their goals.

      At Committed HP, our unique personal history and extensive professional experience gives us a special ability to find personalized solutions that truly work for each individual. As parents, business owners, athletes and travelers, we know how challenging it can be to navigate this modern world. It’s a daunting task, but we are committed to not just surviving, but to thriving. When we work together, we become a team, and you are a part of our community. Your investment doesn’t end when your session is over, we remain your ongoing resource and support. You gain access to wealth of resources and opportunities for success. Ultimately, your progress and satisfaction is what matters most!



      Book a Call Now

      At Committed HP, our goal is to provide the highest quality guidance, tools, and resources needed to help you feel, function, look and live better. In order to get you the best results, and, the best experience, we look at you as whole person, including your goals, history, personality, preferences and simply where you are in life at the moment.

      Coach Bryan Osuna is a highly experienced health & performance specialist with a passion for movement. He takes a holistic approach to health that pulls from a wide range of philosophies, wisdom and knowledge. He is committed to helping others with transformation and optimization. In addition to being an elite athlete in multiple sports, Bryan has spent his life immersing himself in a diverse range of movement practices, training systems, healing modalities, education and exploration. Personally he strives to live fully by also pursuing his passions for travel, nature, music, food & adventure. He is a firm believer that true enjoyment of life comes through exploration and exercise of the mind, body and spirit alike.

      In Love & Health,

      -Team COMMITTED HP-

      Health & Performance Coaching

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