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Our Purpose

We are here to shape truly healthy, happy, high-performing humans (4H Optimization)
Committed HP is a complete resource system comprised of tools, guidance, education and community. Just like your journey, the world of health & performance is constantly evolving. In order to support your transformation, we combine timeless wisdom with modern understanding. Any significant shift toward greater quality of life will require a unique & holistic formula.

"The Whole is Greater than the Sum of its Parts"  - Aristotle -

Elements of Complete Optimization:

Mind, Movement, NutritionVitality & Connection. 

Think of your wellness as a luxury car. The Mind is the steering wheel. Without proper function & direction, the vehicle will surely crash. The other 4 elements are the moving wheels of the car. Imagine how dysfunctional and dangerous your car would become if you only serviced one or two of the wheels. 
Unfortunately, most people are speeding around with imbalanced and unmaintained health, risking damage, dysfunction & disease.

That's where we come in.


Our Commitment to You

Hi, I'm Bryan Osuna, founder and owner of COMMITTED HP. While performance optimization is an absolute passion of mine, I want to take s moment to share a different side of my story. I haven't always been a healthy, happy, high-performing pro. My journey has provided some of life's toughest challenges and profound lessons. My commitment to helping others has driven me to create a foundational system of holistic health designed to transform, elevate & optimize lives.

I am sharing this with you because I am certain that you or someone you love is in a place where we can make a difference. 

Challenges We Have Personally Overcome

Debilitating Back & Neck Pain

Performance Slumps

Orthopedic Surgery

Adult Acne


Depression & Anxiety

Chronic Fatigue & Sickness

 Metabolic & Hormonal Dysfunction

Wherever Your Journey Takes You, You Are Not Alone!


How We Get Results

Within this system, we utilize many different methods and approaches such as functional fitness, corrective exercise, self myofascial release, primal eating, functional nutrition, meditation, breathing techniques and more. As your guide, a 4H optimization coach will help you create an unshakable foundation by detailing four key concepts:

1) Your Purpose: We will help you refine your visions, dreams & goals so that they are clear, specific, exciting, and right for you. 

2) Your Mindset: Your mind is the most powerful tool you own. A healthy & sustainable breakthrough will require you to address your underlying beliefs, thoughts & emotions.

3) Your Resources: There's a vast ocean of options when it comes to health & performance resources. Most of them are not right for you. We will direct you to proven & powerful options that are congruent with your needs. 

4) Your Actions: Ultimately, you are what you do, not what you say you'll do. Having a plan & program that facilitates meaningful action & change is paramount to your success.