The Better Band
The Better Band
The Better Band
The Better Band
The Better Band
The Better Band
The Better Band
The Better Band

The Better Band is the only resistance band that you can effortlessly hook on and off your body, and precisely adjust in length.

Life's too short to mess around with cheap bands that catch on your feet, hurt, roll up, rip & frustrate.

Why Are They Better?

✅ Get it ON and GO! Effortlessly put your Better Band on and adjust it with our patented quick-hook technology.

✅ Length adjustability allows you to get even more variety and results from a SINGLE Better Band.

✅ Multiple quick-adjust lengths give you more versatility, precision, and even better results.

✅ Quality fabric WON’T RIP, SLIP, ROLL UP, PULL YOUR HAIR OR PINCH YOUR SKIN for an even more enjoyable experience.

✅ Activate and train YOUR MOST IMPORTANT MUSCLES... Train, tone, and strengthen your hips, legs, glutes, core, and more!

✅ An essential tool for fitness success at HOME, GYM, TRAVEL OR ON-THE-GO! 


Finally, you can be done with bands that don’t cooperate and that can’t do what you want. Our proprietary quick-hook technology not only creates ease and adjustability, but it also allows you to use the Better Band in more ways than other bands.
The Better Band is not only unique in design, it also features high-quality materials, non-slip grip, a strong iron hook, and a comfortable fit for an overall better experience. Trainers, doctors, coaches, athletes & customers all agree that the Better Band is a game changer.

What Are Customers Saying?

"Sooo much easier to use than other bands I’ve used! It doesn't roll up and hurt either. I'm back on my routine and enjoying it." - Scott B 

"My body looks and feels better after just a few weeks. It’s like the Better Band just lights everything up. Best health investment I've made this year!" - Liz M

"Why it's not called THE BEST BAND is beyond me!" - Phil L

"The most expensive product is the one that doesn't work. All my other bands stopped working, and this one works better!" - Sam

Verified ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Reviews Below! 

Strength Recommendations  

Light (Thin Blue) = Beginner, Warm-Up, Therapy
Medium (•B•B) = Intermediate, Warm-up, Strength 
Strong (•R•B) = Athlete, Strength, Performance 
Extra Strong (R•R) = Elite Athlete, Power, Perf.

**The Better Bands tend to be on the strong side. If you are only purchasing one band, we recommend leaning towards a lighter strength. Our "Light" Better Band Recover will be available very soon!**
There are so many amazing ways to use the Better Band. It is ideal for activating your glutes, hip flexors, core, posture muscles & more!
This is critical for us modern humans who sit. Use it for dynamic warm ups or use it to enhance your main training exercises. Around the legs, the Better Band can help cue your knees to stay in the correct position during squats, hip bridges, deadlifts and even jumps. Around the waist, the Better Band can help you activate your deep core muscles and also your diaphragm for improved breathing. Unhooked, the Better Band is great for warming up and training the upper body.
As a long-time trainer, coach and athlete, I created the Better Band out of a need for a more convenient, comfortable and versatile tool to get better results! I constantly found so many people simply struggling and failing with other bands. Activation and correction drills are essential not only for keeping key muscles strong, but also preventing common issues such back and knee pain. So, I made a commitment to make a better product. Now the Better Band yours!
- Bryan Osuna -

Who Is The Better Band For?

Ideal For Anyone Who:
Sits during the day
Has back, hip or knee pain  
Values quality, comfort & convenience
Wants to develop their strength, physique & athleticism
Currently uses any other mini band, hip circle or exercise loop
Is a trainer, coach, gym owner, physical therapist or athlete that wants to upgrade their tools



  • We offer a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee on product satisfaction.
  • Better Bands have a 6 month limited warranty.
  • The warranty does not cover bands that were machine washed.
  • Returns will be processed within 5 business days after arrival.
  • We do offer exchanges for products in unused or like new condition.
  • We do not refund shipping costs on returns or exchanges.

The Better Band

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Great product
Love it!
Very high quality and effective band
BEST Bands Ever!
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