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Every body part is important in its own way. The hamstrings are no exception. You might know what the hamstrings are because they are notorious for being tight. While a classic hamstring stretch might be in your routine already, there’s a lot more to be known about your hamstrings.  So let’s talk about how to make your hamstring strong, flexible and resilient. 

Being strong is an incredible feeling, but it will feel even better as the years go by and you know you have your strength and vitality to keep you disease free and thriving. Have fun finding what strength training suits you and your lifestyle best and make a habit of it. Who knows, you might even enjoy yourself! 

Everyone is at risk for injury in some way, shape or form. Those that push their bodies hard, such as athletes, and those that don’t challenge their bodies at all are particularly at risk. Whether it's a minor injury from over-training or a bone break from an accident, chances are you will get some kind of injury in your lifetime.
Keep that core strong! It doesn’t matter if getting a toned flat tummy isn’t on your agenda, your core is so much more than it’s external appearance. Have fun trying out new ways to stay strong, and enjoy the life-changing benefits of better balance, great posture, no back pain, less injuries, and impressive athletic performance! 
It's no secret that exercise is one of the most important factors for staying healthy, but moving your body daily is more powerful than you might think. Not only has it been established as an unwavering pillar for a healthy lifestyle for decades, but research is finding more benefits of movement every year.
One study had runners train their cores for six weeks, after that period of consistent core strength training, all the runners had faster run times for their 5000 meter runs. This demonstrates that training your core is an efficient method to lower running times and improve performance in runners.

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