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Our Purpose

We are here to help shape truly healthy, happy, high-performing humans.

At Committed HP, we are on a mission to create an ecosystem of tools, guidance, education and community. Just like your journey, the world of health & performance is constantly evolving. We pride ourselves in our ability to combine timeless wisdom with modern understanding to create innovative and effective products. A perfect example of this would be our approach of combining modern foam rolling techniques, innovative tools such as the Moball Roller, and time tested breathing techniques to help you relieve built up stress and tension in your body.


"The Whole is Greater than the Sum of its Parts"  - Aristotle -

Our 5 Elements of Complete Optimization:

Mind, Movement, NutritionVitality & Connection. 

Think of your wellness as a luxury car. The Mind is the steering wheel. Without proper function & direction of the steering wheel, the vehicle will surely crash. The other 4 elements are the moving wheels (tires) of the car. Imagine how dysfunctional and endangered your car would become if you did not service all 4 of the wheels.

Similarly, so many of us are speeding around with imbalanced and unmaintained health, at risk of damage, dysfunction & disease.

That's where we come in.

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