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Our Purpose

With so many redundant, mediocre and gimmicky products out there, we are committed to providing the most innovative and high-quality products in health and fitness. Committed HP is on a mission to create an ecosystem of tools, resources, inspiration and community for modern humans to thrive. 

We emerged from a vision to create a community of truly healthy, happy, high-performing humans. Specifically, the commitment is helping people with holistic transformation and optimization by providing resources and guidance around key health and performance concepts. The philosophy is to mindfully combine timeless wisdom with modern understanding to create innovation and excellence in these areas. We use movement as a primary platform and launching-off point to start making change in peoples lives. The system is designed to serve as a foundation for journeys of every level, size, color and flavor. We are a community led by wellness warriors who walk the walk and talk the talk with passion and compassion.


"The Whole is Greater than the Sum of its Parts"  - Aristotle -

Our elements of holistic optimization:

Mind • Movement • Nutrition • Vitality • Connection


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