The Moball Roller v2
The Moball Roller v2
The Moball Roller v2
The Moball Roller v2
The Moball Roller v2
The Moball Roller v2
The Moball Roller v2
The Moball Roller v2

The Moball Roller v2

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 The Moball Roller is an adjustable foam roller that is specifically designed to be more effective & versatile. It's simply a better foam rolling & massage tool.

Like so many of you, I used to really struggle with pain and stiffness.
I was frustrated with having a bunch of different products and still not getting the results I wanted. 
I couldn't figure out how to get better relief and healing for my body.
I used to be the crazy guy with a bag full of various foam rollers, balls and self-massage devices. It was exhausting and time consuming. As a fully committed coach, trainer and athlete, I simply needed a more effective yet convenient tool for myself and for my clients.

So, I studied what was truly working for people and what wasn't until... I came up with the game-changing design of the Moball Roller.

The Moball Roller's proprietary design allows you to better address key muscles, hard-to-reach places and the nuances of your body.

It is ideal for relieving the back, spine, shoulders, hips, calves, feet and more! 

I created the Moball Roller to not only empower you with a more effective and versatile tool, but to also save you time and money along the way!  

"The Moball Roller changed my life & saved my career. It is hands down the most versatile self-massage tool on the market." 
- Kathy M, Massage Therapist & Yoga Instructor-
"Nothing gets the muscles in back better. My body really does feel better!" 
- Emily-

✅  Proprietary AdjustaBall Technology
✅  High-Quality Foam Materials
 Lightweight & Portable  
 Multiple Tools in One

✅  Comes in Travel Size
✅  Precise & Efficient 
✅  Customizable  
✅  Easy to Use  

I can't believe how good it feels. You would never know just by looking at it that it works so well. The balls are really firm, it's great!" 
- Jessica-


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How Can The Moball Roller
Make Your Life Better?
✅  Decrease tension in muscle, joints & fascia through trigger point release.
  Relax the nervous system for stress relief.
Mobilize the spine and relieve problematic back discomfort.
✅  Improve energy and recovery through increased circulation, flexibility and respiratory function.
✅  Enhance performance through improved body awareness and activation.
✅  Promote posture and alignment through balancing muscle tension.
✅  Optimize the relationship between neighboring tissues (muscle, fascia, tendon, bone, skin, organ).

Why is Foam Rolling Important?
Also known as self-myofascial release and self-massage, foam rolling is a self-care approach to optimizing the health of your muscle and fascia. The myofascial system (fascia of the muscles) is a complex network of connective tissue that supports the musculoskeletal system. Unhealthy fascia can not only cause localized pain, but can globally impair functions such as mobility, balance, coordination, strength and power. Proper fascial massage is specifically important because it’s unique effects typically can not be gained by stretching and movement.
The Moball Roller Story
I'll admit, I didn't originally design the Moball Roller to sell to you. I created it in a time of my life when I truly needed a better tool for my own healing, recovery and performance. The friends and clients that I shared my invention with loved it so much that they urged me to share it with the world to help others. In fact, I had someone offer me $500 to make them one!!! True story. Since then, I have improved the tool to feature more resilient materials, trigger point release end caps, a travel size, and add-on balls of various specifications! The full-size Moball Roller has more adjustable range, allowing for greater control and access to wider set muscles. The travel-size is shorter in length and fits into almost any bag. I am so excited to get this amazing tool to you.

Moball Roller is specifically designed to address the nuances of the muscular and myofascial systems to help keep them healthy.


  • We offer a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee on product satisfaction.
  • Moball Rollers have a 6-month warranty on balls.
  • Moball Rollers have a 1-year warranty on the stick and caps.
  • Returns will be processed within 5 business days after arrival.
  • We do not refund shipping costs on returns.

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