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Moball Roller v2

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Moball Roller v2
Moball Roller v2
Moball Roller v2
Moball Roller v2
Moball Roller v2
Moball Roller v2
Your search for a better foam roller is over!
The Moball Roller™ was mindfully designed to address the body in ways that other products can't. It features patent pending AdjustaBall technology as well as the best materials, shapes and features for taking care of your body.
What makes the Moball Roller so special? 
The Moball Roller is much more than just another foam roller. Its adjustability, dual-ball design and self massage features allow you to do so much than other tools. It is designed to effectively address key muscles, hard-to-reach places, fascial lines & acupressure points. This is critical not only for performing better, but for relieving common issues of the back, shoulders, knees & neck. 
Like so many of you, I was fed up with having a bunch of different tools and still not getting the results I was needing. We created this product to not only help you feel and function better, but to also save you time, money, space & frustration along the way.   

✓  Innovative AdjustaBall Technology
 Firm & High-Quality Foam Materials  
✓  Multiple Massage Tools In One
 More Precise & Efficient
  Easy to Use  
  Lightweight & Portable
 Extremely Versatile  

<- Simply twist and push to adjust ->
Potential Benefits of Moball Roller Use:
✓  Decrease tension in tissues and joints through trigger point release.
✓  Maintain healthy tissue qualities through regular massage maintenance (think brushing & flossing).
  Optimize the relationship between neighboring tissues (fascia to muscle, fascia to skin, fascia to organ)
  Improve recovery and healing through increased circulation and decreased stiffness.
  Enhance performance through improved body awareness and mobility.
  Promote proper posture and alignment of the body through balancing the length and tension in key tissues.
Why is foam rolling important?
Also known as self-myofascial release and self-massage, foam rolling is a self-care approach to optimizing the health of your muscle and fascia. The myofascial system (fascia of the muscles) is a complex network of connective tissue that supports the musculoskeletal system. Unhealthy fascia can not only cause localized pain, but can globally impair functions such as mobility, balance, coordination, strength and power. Proper foam rolling is specifically important because it’s unique effects typically can not be gained by stretching and movement.
The Moball Roller Story
I'll admit, I didn't originally design the Moball Roller to sell to you. I created it in a time of my life when I truly needed a better tool for my own healing, recovery and performance. The friends and clients that I shared my invention with loved it so much that they urged me to bring it to the world. In fact, I had someone offer me $500 to make the one!!! True story. Since then, I have improved the tool to feature more resilient materials, trigger point release end caps, a travel size, and add-on balls of various specifications! The full-size Moball Roller has more adjustable range, allowing for greater control and access to wider set muscles. The travel-size is shorter in length and fits into almost any bag. I am so excited to get this amazing tool to you.

We now know that the quality of your soft tissue known as fascia (myofascia) is paramount to optimal movement, health and performance. We are learning more everyday about the importance of this highly involved and interactive network of tissue. Like muscle, unhealthy fascia can cause pain and dysfunction in addition to impairing functions such as mobility, balance, coordination, strength and power. The Moball Roller is specifically designed to address the nuances of the muscular and myofascial systems to help keep them healthy.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Love both the Moball Roller and the Better Band

Seriously so awesome!! The Better Band does not slip, is soft and doesn't grab the skin or hair on your legs and is incredibly effective for multiple workouts that I did. I even brought it on vacation and it was key to getting my exercises in and still making them difficult. Provides the perfect resistance to activate my muscles properly. The MoBall Roller is perfect for getting the muscles on the side of my spine to calm down. I love rolling on it when my back starts acting up or even after my chiropractic appointment to work out some muscles that are ready to relax. WAYY better than just a foam roller because it gets deeper. Highly recommend!!!


Simple and genius. Glad my personal trainer recommended it to me. Was a gift to the "boss" for Xmas, but I use it as much as she does. Very easy to get to some hard to reach places. Perfect pressure. Looking forward to future attachments. 👍

Awesome roller!!

This is a really cool design and makes for serious therapeutic usage! I bought one for myself and for my parents, and they are excited to get rolling!

Life Saver

I tried this product when a friend brought one to a men's retreat and fell in love with it. In the past I have used two tennis balls to massage the posterior chain, but this design is great because the balls stay in place and you can twist your back to get different stuck areas the attention that they deserve. I have ordered two more rollers for Christmas gifts. I love this product. Keep up the awesome work!


An all-around amazing tool. I have to admit: at first I was concerned with how well a foam ball would stand up to pressure, so much so that I reached out to Bryan and asked. He was absolutely spot on: this thing is beastly. No worries. This guy is really impressed. This thing hurts so good.

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