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Which Better Band should I buy?

The Better Bands are relatively "strong" or "firm" when compared to most other bands. If you are only purchasing one band, we recommend choosing a lighter strength. Generally, we recommend buying the combination of "Light" and "Strong" bands to begin with. Just remember, each Better Band has the ability to adjust in length! 

Light (Thin Blue) = Beginner, Warm-Up, Therapy
Medium (•B•B) = Intermediate, Warm-up, Strength 
Strong (•R•B) = Athlete, Strength, Performance 
Extra Strong (R•R) = Elite Athlete, Power, Perf.

Why is the Better Band "Better"

The Better Band is better because it simply hooks on and off your body making it easier to use, it has unique adjustability, and it is made with high-quality materials that don't slip, rip, roll up, move around or hurt.

What material is the Better Band hook made from?

Very strong iron! Tested for over 400 Lbs of strength.

What material are the Moball Roller balls made out of? How firm are they?

The Moball Roller balls are considered firm to very firm. They are made of a resilient but lightweight EVA Foam. They are not as firm as a lacrosse ball but close. They have a very slight give, similar to memory foam. We will soon be offering a softer options as well.

What are the main benefits or advantages of the Moball Roller?

The Moball Roller is specifically awesome because it's unique shape and adjustability. This makes it ideal for mobilizing the spine, releasing back and neck tension, and address problematic areas such as the IT band, hip flexors, calves, chest, quadriceps and more!

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