The Better Band
The Better Band
The Better Band
The Better Band
The Better Band
The Better Band
The Better Band
The Better Band
The Better Band
The Better Band
The Better Band

The Better Band

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The Better Band removes the pain from bands by easily hooking on and off & adjusting in length


♾️ Get It On and Go! The Better Band is the only band that effortlessly hooks on and off your body with our patent pending Quick-Hook Technology.

♾️ Adjustable & Accommodating - The ability to precisely adjust the length and greater overall length makes it perfect for bodies large and small. It also enables quick adjustments, seamless drop sets, faster workouts and easy sharing between users.

♾️ Won't Rip, Slip, Pinch or Roll Up - High-quality fabric and strong material makes it incredibly comfortable and durable, for a more enjoyable experience.

♾️ Ideal for at Home, in the Gym or On-The-Go! - All this power fits in a purse, fanny pack or travel bag!


The most valuable tool you own shouldn't be difficult and frustrating to use!

The Better Band is the ideal tool for targeting key hip, core & postural muscles! 

This is critical for us modern humans who sit. Use it for dynamic warm ups or use it to enhance your main training exercises. Around the legs, the Better Band can help cue your knees to stay in the correct position during squats, hip bridges, deadlifts and even jumps. Around the waist, the Better Band can help you activate your deep core muscles and also your diaphragm for improved breathing. Unhooked, the Better Band is great for warming up and training the upper body.

As a long-time trainer, coach and athlete, I created the Better Band out of a need for a more convenient, comfortable and versatile tool to get better results! I constantly found so many people simply struggling and failing with other bands. Activation and correction drills are essential not only for keeping key muscles strong, but also preventing common issues such back and knee pain. So, I made a commitment to make a better product. Now the Better Band yours!

- Bryan Osuna -


**The Better Bands tend to be on the strong side. If you are only purchasing one band, we recommend leaning towards a lighter strength**

Dimensions & Strengths

Strength & Color
Length & Resistance Suggested Use
XX Light, Powder Yellow
29.5”-30", 3-8 lbs Beginner, Physical Therapy, Warm-up, Corrective Exercise & Body Cues
Extra Light, Powder Blue
29.5”-30", 5-10 lbs Beginner, Physical Therapy, Warm-up, Corrective Exercise & Body Cues
Light-Medium, Seafoam Green
29.5”-30", 13-25 lbs Beginner - Intermediate, Warm-up, Corrective Exercise & Physical Therapy
Medium, Blue-Blue Stripes
29.5”-30", 15-27 lbs Beginner - Intermediate, Warm-up, Strength & Conditioning
Strong, Pastel Pink
29.5”-30", 24-37 lbs Intermediate - Advanced, Warm-up, Strength & Conditioning
Strong, Red-Blue Stripes
29.5”-30", 25-37 lbs Intermediate - Advanced, Warm-up, Strength & Conditioning
Extra Strong, Pastel Purple
29.5”-30", 34-47 lbs Advanced - Elite Athlete, Power, Performance
Extra Strong, Red-Red Stripes
29.5”-30", 35-47 lbs Advanced - Elite Athlete, Power, Performance

Returns & Warranties:

  • We offer a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee on product satisfaction.
  • Better Bands have a 6 month limited warranty.
  • The warranty does not cover bands that were machine washed.
  • Returns will be processed within 5 business days after arrival.
  • We do offer exchanges for products in unused or like new condition.
  • We do not refund shipping costs on returns or exchanges.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 167 reviews
    These are the BEST

    These bands are truly the BEST. If you have ever used the less expensive rubber bands, you know how inconvenient they are to put on and how painful they are to your legs and thighs. The ease in which these bands go on and the non-slip material that is used is ingenious to say the least.
    Great job to the design team at Committed HP.

    Jennifer Cannon

    The Better Band

    Jennifer and Lutton

    The Better Band

    Takako Hunt
    Excellent product and customer service

    Super fast shipping and excellent product and communication. The product is made so well I was really impressed.

    Marysa Brogan
    Just the way I like it

    This band is tight, true to form & never lets me down.

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