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5 Benefits of Using Strength Bands for Exercise

5 Benefits of Using Strength Bands for Exercise

The use of strength bands, also known as resistance bands, have become increasingly more popular in today’s world. Strength bands are usually made of rubber and have varying levels of stretch from light, medium, and heavy.

Strength bands are versatile, easy to use, and effective when incorporated into your workout sessions. With the use of strength bands, you can optimize your workout and add another level of difficulty which aids in muscle building and muscle toning.

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One of the best benefits of strength bands is how cost-effective they are. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to spend large amounts of money to attain the body that you want.

With the assistance of strength bands you can ensure a great, effective workout without having to burn a hole in your pocket.

Depending on the quality of your strength band, prices will usually vary. For a pretty standard set of resistance bands, you won’t pay more than a couple bucks.

For higher quality bands like the ones we sell here at Committed HP, you will have to fork up a little more money but the quality is immeasurable in comparison.

Our specially made bands, the Better Bands, are made of much higher quality material than mere rubber and also come with awesome features like the hook system, as well as the adjustability aspect.

Regardless of how much you want to spend, there are tons of great strength band options for a kick-butt workout. Another awesome benefit of strength bands is their ability to adapt easily to multiple fitness levels.

No matter where you are within your fitness journey, you can easily use strength bands. If this is your first day working out or if you are a gym veteran, you can use a strength band to make your workout even more effective.

If you are just starting out, strength bands can be your entire workout. Since these bands are so versatile you can use them for almost any area of your body and it will add a level of intenseness in order to really feel your workout.

If you are well into your fitness journey and know your way around equipment, you probably know that strength bands can be a beautiful add-on to any workout. For example, for a beginner you could use strength bands above your knee for a more intense squat exercise.

If you are deeper in your fitness journey, you could apply the bands in the same area but use them in accompaniment with a weighted squat. Either way, these bands add that extra amount of resistance and make you push yourself just that much harder.

Like I stated above, strength bands can be used to exercise your entire body, which is another great aspect of this workout tool. Again, these bands are very versatile and can be used in almost any way that you see fit.

You can use these bands as a great way to stretch out before working out. For example, you could stretch your legs out by placing one end of the band around the middle of your foot and then pulling the other end of the band towards yourself to really stretch out those hamstrings.

Additionally, resistance bands can also help with toning areas of your body when you use it alone. For example, you could hold up your arms like you’re flexing your muscles and then wrap the band around your wrists. Then shift your banded arms behind your head and pull apart.

Continue to do this exercise and you’ll feel your arms begin to burn and tone. In regards to working out legs and glutes, resistance bands are a great tool to add on in order to really build those muscles.

For example, when doing a glute bridge with added weight, add on your resistance bands above your knees. At the top of the glute bridge, hold and separate your legs to maximize the resistance dedicated to your glute muscles. This is a great, effective way to workout any area of your body with the use of strength bands.

I may sound like a broken record, but the versatility aspect of resistance bands really make them one of the best tools to use within your fitness journey. These bands add a variety to your workout, especially during those times where you’re bored of your usual workout routine. 

Switch up the gym monotony by using bands for different workouts. Whether you use them just to stretch or you fully incorporate them into your workout routine, they can really aid in breaking up the status quo. Perhaps this gym day you do your usual Monday gym routine, but this time you add a resistance band to every single exercise in order to make it more challenging. Or maybe you went really hard at the gym yesterday and are feeling way too sore to do a full workout routine.

Switch it up and use resistance bands alone as your entire workout and find different ways to make a great workout that won’t kill you. These bands offer so much variety and you can really have fun with them during your workouts.

Lastly, another great benefit of using strength bands for working out is that they are easily portable and storable. We all live very busy lives and sometimes can’t make it to the gym when we want to. Or maybe you don’t have a gym membership but still want to have an awesome workout. This is where strength bands come in.

Since they are so portable and storable you can bring them anywhere and everywhere. You can bring them to your hotel room during a business trip, or bring them with you on vacation. They are so easy to bring and allow you to have an effective workout even on the go!

Despite wherever you are within your fitness journey or life, there is a way to make strength bands work for you. These benefits I mentioned above only enhance your workout experience and allow you to push yourself harder for great results.

Shop the Better Bands here from Committed HP and discover these results for yourself.

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