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5 Best Massage Ball Roller Exercises

5 Best Massage Ball Roller Exercises

Regardless of where you are at in your fitness journey, whether you’re a committed gym rat or a beginner, utilizing post-workout tools can greatly improve your performance. Rolling out and massaging with body rollers can greatly benefit your body by improving mobility, increasing flexibility, and relieving any pain or discomfort due to working out. Here are 5 best massage ball roller exercises.


demonstrating  best massage ball roller exercises


1. Upper Back Roll

Most people experience back discomfort or back pain due to stiffness or lack of mobility. Due to long hours of sitting or standing, most of us will endure some back pain in our lifetimes. Here at Committed HP we have designed and developed the Moball Roller with adjustable balls in order to pinpoint specific areas of the body. When using this roller for the back, you can simply push the balls together and roll on it to massage your upper back area. This can massage those muscles after post-workout soreness and improve your posture.


2. Calf Roll

After leg day, one can experience some soreness or stiffness in the calfs. After stretching and warming up the muscles, adjust the balls on the Moball Roller and space them out to a comfortable position where each leg can be on either ball. You can begin rolling out your calf muscles as the balls penetrates deeper into the muscles and breaks up any tension. This can alleviate any discomfort after working out, or be used on a regular basis to bring blood flow to those areas after prolonged sitting.


3. Groin Roll

The groin can be one of those trickier areas to massage due to limitations of flexibility within the body. To massage the groin area after strain from the gym, you can begin by pushing your Moball Roller balls together until they’re touching. Lay out the roller parallel to your body, extend your leg at a 90 degree angle and place the inside of your thigh along the roller balls. Roll sideways keeping that 90 degree angle and begin to feel the Moball Roller massage your area of concern. Perfect for footballers. 


4. IT Band Roll

Perhaps after leg day or a long run on the treadmill, you experience some stiffness or soreness in the IT band area. In order to treat this area, you can push together the Moball Roller balls again. Begin by laying on your side and place your body near your hips on top of the roller at an angle. Place the IT band area on top of the roller and press down applying pressure, holding for about 30 seconds in order for your muscles to begin releasing tension. Being that this area is tender, begin rolling out with small motions and progress with broader motions as you see fit.


5. Hamstring Roll

Similar to the calf roll, with the hamstring roll you can separate the balls and adjust them to a comfortable place for both legs. Place the Moball Roller underneath both legs, ensuring that each leg is assigned to each ball. Start from the back of the knee and roll up through the hamstring, stopping right before the glutes. Roll out as you see fit, usually between 2-3 minutes per muscle group.


Rolling out the body has the potential to contribute to athletic performance and mobility. With the help of our Moball Roller, you can relieve pain and tension while also penetrating muscle groups deeper than you might have otherwise.

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