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Choosing the Right Resistance Bands for Exercise

Choosing the Right Resistance Bands for Exercise

As resistance bands gain increasing popularity, it begs the question what is the right resistance band for exercise? Here are some ways to seek out the best resistance band for you.

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Firstly, what are the benefits of using resistance bands? Resistance bands are typically bands made of thin rubber that have varying degrees of resistance in order to make your workout more intense and in result, more effective. With the use of resistance bands, you can target more precise muscle groups, resulting in more toned and built areas of your body. These bands also help with flexibility, range of motion, and building power. Contrary to popular belief, resistance bands do have the power to transform your body with the right dedication. You can use resistance bands in various different ways for a full body workout or you can use them in conjunction with weights and lifting. Even if you are someone who doesn’t workout often, these bands can still be for you. As recent studies have found, sitting is the new smoking. For those of us who spend a lot of time sitting at a desk or simply spend extensive amounts of time sitting, a band could be your greatest resource. You could easily use this band every so often during long spouts of sitting in order to get your body moving, get that blood flowing, and improve circulation. No matter where you are in your fitness journey, there is a way for you to incorporate resistance bands into your workouts to create a more intense, effective workout that offers great results.

Now, how to find the right resistance band for exercise. Resistance bands are pretty common and you can find them at large department stores or within shops that sell equipment. In order to find a good one, you may have to buy a variety of bands in order to find the one you think is best for your workout style. In order to find the best one for you will depend on what you’re looking for. If you are a beginner and just want a feel for resistance bands, you can get away with lower-quality resistance bands that are a couple bucks. If you are in the market for high-quality resistance bands, we sell our own bands, the Better Bands, here at Committed HP. We may be a little biased but these bands are next level resistance bands. We have combined the opinions of trainers, athletes, coaches, and doctors in order to design this band, and all of them believe that our band is the most versatile, comfortable, and convenient band to use. Our unique bands offer varying levels of resistance as well as an adjustable feature for ease. Our bands also feature a hook for easy on and off access. The Better Band doesn’t roll or slide and is perfectly portable for those on-the-go days. Overall, if you’re searching for your perfect band, you may have to try out a variety of different bands of varying qualities to find the one that you like best.

For beginners, or those who have never encountered resistance bands before, try to look for easy to use bands. For some lower quality bands, they may be really thin and flimsy, causing them to roll down or ride up during a workout. In that regard, there may be somewhat of a learning curve for ensuring that those bands are being used properly for an effective workout. Try to find sturdier bands that don’t move so much during exercise, so that you don’t have to constantly adjust them while you’re working out. Again, the Better Band that we feature here at Committed HP is a very easy to use band that doesn’t ride up or roll down. It has a hook feature that allows for you to easily put on or remove the band at any time during your workout. The hook feature also allows you to not awkwardly shimmy the bands up and down your body before and after you use them, making them optimally convenient. The best rule of thumb is to aim higher in quality so that you can make your life easier and get maximum benefits of convenience from your tool.

Lastly, we here at Committed HP recommend to also buy other accessories or tools in order to live a healthy life and optimize your workouts. We have designed our own spin on a body roller for pre- and post-workout. Our body roller has an adjustable dual-ball feature that closely pinpoints smaller areas of concern and help to relieve any tension built up in the body. Again, even if you don’t workout regularly, this type of tool is very beneficial for anyone who may sit for prolonged periods of time. The MoBall Roller aids in mobility, flexibility, as well as increasing blood flow for circulation throughout your body. It’s customizable feature allows you to take control of what areas you want to focus on and promotes alignment through balancing muscle tension. Despite whether or not you workout, these types of tools are a great resource in taking care of your body. In order to keep your body it’s healthiest and best looking, these tools can be highly beneficial.

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