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How One Amazing Tool is Solving 24 of the Top Health & Fitness Problems

How One Amazing Tool is Solving 24 of the Top Health & Fitness Problems

Let’s face it, modern humans need modern tools. When it comes to your health and fitness, you need products that are effective, efficient and proven to solve real problems. The Better Resistance Band does all of this and more. The Better Band is the next generation of resistance band. It is the only band to feature quick-hook technology and easy adjustability. It was developed out of the need for a more convenient, comfortable, versatile and quality tool for training key muscles and movements. More importantly, the Better Band’s ease of use allows for people of any age and level to take better care of their body.

How The Better Band Solves at least 24 Top Health & Fitness Problems

the better resistance band

The Glute Struggle

The glutes are designed to be our most powerful muscle group. Unfortunately, sitting and the convenience of modern lifestyle causes our glutes to turn off and atrophy. I have even heard it said that many people have “glute amnesia” or “dead butt syndrome” because their glute muscles forget how to do their job. The Better Band is specifically designed to re-ignite the glutes through simple yet highly effective movements


Modern lifestyle is fundamentally set up to deconstruct our posture. Misalignment in the body created by poor posture is a recipe for a host of issues from headaches to herniated disks. It not only looks bad, but also leads to dysfunction and renders the body less capable of handling the stress of gravity. Additionally, the decrease in muscle activation, motor control and muscle length associated with poor posture adds insult to injury. The Better Band can improve posture by providing simple yet effective ways to train key postural muscles in the hips, core and back.

Back Pain

Chronic back pain is a massive problem worldwide. I have personally experienced how back pain can completely alter your quality of life and keep you from doing the things you love. Studies have ranked back pain as the number one reason for missed work days, and the number of children reporting back pain is growing. Two of the most important changes you can make to improve back health are to strengthen and stabilize your hips and to strengthen your core. The Better Band is the perfect tool to help facilitate both of these qualities.

Functional Training 

Functional fitness or functional training is the philosophy of optimizing quality of life through specific movement training. It emphasizes the development of key physical qualities so that one can tackle any task or activity that stands before them in life. The Better Band was designed to help pattern and strengthen the body to function better, inside and outside of the gym.

Hip Health 

In order for us to be healthy and high performing movers, the hips need to be mobile, stable, strong, powerful and resilient. To put more emphasis on the matter, sitting and a generally sedentary lifestyle can rob the hips of many of these qualities. Training and caring for your hips is one of the best investments you can make towards your movement health.


Unrestricted range of motion is essential for healthy joints, quality movement and high performance. When mobility is deficient, compensations arise and movement is compromised. Ultimately, a lack of mobility increases the risk of injury and decreases performance. The Better Band helps with mobility by strengthening the key muscles that facilitate joint range of motion (ROM). It is also helpful for facilitating dynamic stretches such as PNF (will your audience know what this is?) for the hamstrings

Core Activation & Strength

While we all love a good core workout, not everyone truly understands how to train their core. The core’s job is first and foremost to stabilize the body, not create movement. A good place to start training your core properly is by practicing activation of the deepest abdominal muscle called your transverse abdominis. This muscle is your corset muscle and it is designed to stabilize your torso and hips for actions such as lifting, carrying and pushing. Do you want to add a sentence of how you use the Better Band to activate the TA?I recommend practicing activation of the muscle on it’s own and then consciously integrating it into functional training. Imagine the way you would pull your waist in if you wanted to look skinnier or to fit into pants that were too tight around the waist.

Better Breathing

Breathing is our most essential function, yet modern humans are profoundly ineffective at it, and only getting worse. As it turns out, breathing is far more intertwined with our well-being than just air exchange. Breathing is key to optimizing stress management, recovery and performance. Improper breathing can directly impact our state of mind, nervous system, chemistry, energy, immune system, posture, sleep, endurance, movement and more. Your primary breathing muscle is your diaphragm which is attached all the way around the bottom of your ribcage. Adding a hint of resistance to the inhale by securing the Better Band around your lower rib cage can help stimulate and strengthen this important muscle.


When it comes to weight loss, one of the most important things you can do is support your metabolism through strength and conditioning exercises. Our large muscle groups are responsible for more of our metabolism. The Better Band enhances our ability to train the largest muscles in our body so we can support a robust and healthy metabolism.

Natural & Healthy Aesthetics 

Let’s face it, modern living is making it harder and harder to keep our bodies looking the way want. When training for looks, we want to hone in on developing the most aesthetically pleasing areas of the body such as the backside, waist and posture enhancing muscles. Today more than ever, we appreciate bodies that look balanced, confident and naturally strong. Resistance bands have consistently proven to be one of the best tools for developing this look.


Research has concluded that people who walk faster and who walk more often live longer. Your hips serve as your mechanical engine, meaning they create movement through hip flexion and extension. The Better Band specifically strengthens your hip flexors and extensors. The Better Band hip extension series is fantastic for improving your stride range and length.


In addition to speed and technique, runners need to pay attention to alignment, stability, breathing and recovery in order to maintain optimal health, performance and longevity. Using the Better Band for prehab, rehab, warmup, breath training and cross-training can provide all of that and more.

Leg Strength 

Research has provided multiple studies showing that leg strength is an indicator for both longevity and brain health. All functional movements that develop and involve the legs must also rely on the function of the hips. They are inextricably connected. The Better Band is a game changer for leg and hip strength alike

Athletic Performance, Strength & Conditioning

The Better Band’s quick hook technology, adjustability and high-quality materials make it the ideal premium tool for elite athletes and fitness enthusiasts

Tools for Coaches, Trainers, Physical Therapists & Doctors 

Professionals need products that are reliable, safe, effective and proven. Ultimately they need tools that their patients and clients will continue to use and enjoy. An abundance of testing and reviews has shown that the Better Band is an “absolute must have” among these pros

Perfect for All Levels

While athletes and professionals absolutely love the Better Band, no previous experience or expert guidance is needed to get started. It’s super simple! Research has consistently demonstrated that the greatest improvements in health status are seen when people who are least fit become physically active. Health promotion programs should target people of all ages and activity levels since chronic disease is increasing among children and adults alike.

Jumping, Landing & Falling Safety 

“Falls are the leading cause of injury-related deaths among persons aged ≥65 years, and the age-adjusted rate of deaths from falls increased 31% from 2007 to 2016”. In addition, sports that involve jumping have some of the highest rates of knee and ankle injuries. Practicing specific drills with the Better Band can help build the lower body resilience and strength needed to jump higher, land safer and mitigate negative repercussions of falling.

Knee Pain 

Believe it or not, pain in the knees rarely happen because something is wrong with the knees. Often times it happens because there is dysfunction below or above. Training the hips to stabilize and position the leg correctly is extremely important for preventing knee pain and injury.

Shoulder Health 

When it comes to shoulder health, there are many things to consider. Two qualities that are consistently important for shoulder health is scapular (shoulder blade) stability and rotator cuff strength. The Better Band is the perfect tool for performing simple pulling exercises to strengthen these areas

Injury Prevention & Rehab

Resistance bands have been a staple of physical therapy and rehab science for decades. The Better Band concept was initially created for individuals with physical considerations such as injuries, chronic pain, or pregnancy. It simply makes training easier and more enjoyable.

Lift Weights Safely & Effectively 

Lifting is one of the most classic and proven forms of strength training. In addition, we all need to lift things from time to time in our everyday life. Incorporating lifting into training can help you prevent injuries, stay strong, feel empowered and live fully! (How do you want to tie the use of the Better Band to this point?)

Portable Solutions

Modern humans are on the move. We need tools that we can throw in a bag and pack in an overhead bin. The Better Band is a powerful tool that is about the size of a tennis ball when rolled up.

Squat Safety & Efficacy 

Squats are one of the most valuable exercises when done correctly. That said, poorly performed squats are a common occurrence and can cause injury. Warming up with Better Band hip activation drills and practicing squats with the band around the knees will prime your glutes for power while cueing proper position of the legs and knees.

Convenience, Comfort & Quality 

It’s no secret that rubber mini bands, resistance loops and therapy bands are uncomfortable, difficult to use, roll up, don’t stay in place and constantly rip. The Better Band is designed to relieve all of these concerns with a high quality cotton and elastic blend that features non-slip grip and adjustability.



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