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What do Hip Resistance Bands Do? | Buy Resistance Bands

What do Hip Resistance Bands Do? | Buy Resistance Bands

Resistance bands have recently become all the rage in and out of the gym as a great way to relax your body and engage your muscles before or during a workout. Although they are quite popular, what exactly do they do? Hip Resistance bands in specific are often made of elastic material and their goal is to both activate your legs and glutes. With the use of hip resistance bands, you can do various exercises that will aid in building muscle in your legs, glutes, hip flexors, and butt. Hip bands can provide extra resistance and body awareness to your warm-up, strength training, pilates, and physical therapy exercises. 

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For example, if you were to do a Bear Crawl exercise, it would be less challenging to do them regularly without any additional resistance. Once you add a hip resistance band to your mid thighs, crab walks instantly become more difficult because you need to work harder to separate your legs.

The resistance causes the targeted muscles to work harder, allowing them to activate and develop more effectively. That extra resistance helps you to push yourself harder, resulting in stronger muscles. Hip resistance bands are great to use for an entire workout or concurrently with body weight and weight lifting exercises combined, but they are also useful as a simple muscle activator before you lift weights. Hip resistance bands can be used to effectively prepare your body for weightlifting or athletic activities. 

A great place to start is with simple body weight glute-bridge. Try doing a glute bridge exercise with a resistance band around your mid thigh, then at the top of the glute bridge spread your legs and really engage your glute muscles. This helps to activate those muscles before more intense exercise and can prevent injury or sub-optimal performance. 

Hip resistance bands have many benefits. Like I stated above, one of the most central benefits of using hip resistance bands is that they activate your muscles before your workout. Lifting, if done incorrectly, can cause a lot of discomfort to your body, especially if you pull a muscle. With the use of resistance bands before lifting, you can loosen up your body and really activate those muscles beforehand, resulting in a more effective workout. Another great benefit of hip resistance bands is that they can really target certain muscle groups. In todays world, it is pretty common for people to want to build their leg and glute muscles to have a more toned and lifted appearance. With hip resistance bands, you can specifically target those areas and ensure that they are getting the proper attention. Additionally, hip resistance bands dont have to only be used for your legs and butt.

The beauty of resistance bands are that they are pretty versatile. You can use them to stretch out your arms and back, as well as any other part of your body. Last but not least, one of the best benefits of using hip resistance bands is that they are suitable for almost anyone. They dont apply pressure in the same capacity as lifting weights does so discomfort is relatively low. No matter where you are in your fitness journey, you can find a use for resistance bands. They are a great tool to help aid in your journey and can provide great results.

With so many resistance bands out there, why choose the Better Band by Committed HP? Here at Committed HP, we have developed the next generation of resistance bands. The Better Band is an adjustable resistance band that provides all the resistance you need at a higher quality. Most resistance bands do not have an adjustable feature so you are somewhat left to your own devices to make it work. Often, resistance band packages will come in a pack and in order to adjust the resistance, you would need to continually exchange one band for another. Since the Better Band is adjustable, you are in full control of the resistance you want and dont have to swap out the resistance band for a new one. Additionally, the Better Band also hooks on and off making it majorly convenient to use. Most bands require you to step into them or shimmy them up your body resulting in a somewhat awkward little dance at the gym. These quality bands are so comfortable and wont ride up or roll down. We know that you have choices when choosing the best resistance band for you, but the Better Band is a prime option providing comfort, quality, and effectiveness for your workouts.

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