When Should You use a Body Roller? | Buy Body Roller

When Should You use a Body Roller? | Buy Body Roller

Body rollers are a not only a great way to relieve tension in your body, but they are also a great self-care technique designed to optimize the health of your muscles and fascia. If you are unfamiliar with fascia, fascia can be defined as a densely woven specialized system in the body that covers everything from muscle and bone to internal organs and arteries. When there is unhealthy fascia in your body, it can cause localized pain in areas of your body and impair mobility, strength, balance, etc. When you are experiencing unhealthy fascia, or simply post-workout soreness and tightness, it is a great time to break out a body roller. With post-workout pain, your body can feel very tight, stiff, and sore, making everyday mundane activities slightly uncomfortable. With the use of a body roller, you can instantly feel that tension break down. While that tension in your tissue and joints are being released, you are also doing wonders for you body, like: enhancing athletic performance through improved mobility in your body, improving that part of your body’s relationship with it’s neighboring muscle tissue, and also maintaining healthy tissue quality due to regular massage. Overall, there isn’t really ever a bad time to use a body roller (except if you have a muscle tear, of course). Regardless of if you are experiencing muscle soreness and tightness from a great workout, there are still amazing benefits from using a body roller that can improve the overall health of your muscles and joints.

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Now that we have established that body rollers are a great way to keep your muscle tissue healthy, how long should you roll out your muscles exactly? That answer can vary depending on the area and the level of pain in that area. It is best to start off really gentle and roll lightly along the targeted muscle group. If an area is too sensitive, it is advised to slow down the rolling and not cause any more discomfort in that area. Here at Committed HP, we recommend spending about 20-60 seconds on each targeted area before moving on to the next, ensuring optimal roll out sessions. Keep the body as relaxed as possible while rolling out your body, and maintain steady breaths. When you are finished rolling out, you want to be in a parasympathetic state, or, a “rest and digest” state, which promotes relaxation and recovery. Pain should not be the intention, you want to have consistent, quality rolls in order to effectively relieve any discomfort from soreness or tightness. If an area on your body is too painful, take extra care when rolling it out, or just simply work around the area instead. The goal of body rolling is to promote tension break down and promote healthy muscle tissue, resulting in a stronger, more mobile, and more powerful body. Learn more about committed HP today! 

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