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Where do you Put Resistance Bands for Glutes?

Where do you Put Resistance Bands for Glutes?

For many clients seeking out assistance with muscle building and toning, many people want to focus in on the glute area. With the help of our innovative resistance bands, the Better Band, you can achieve great results with muscle building and toning of your glutes. The placement of the resistance band is pivotal when wanting to strengthen the glute muscles. No matter where you are in your fitness journey, a quality resistance band can work for you. With the Better Band, you can effortlessly adjust the length and level of resistance that you want and work from there...

Now, for specific placement of the band in order to increase your glute gains. Squatting is a very popular exercise to build the muscles in your glutes and you can add a resistance band to this workout as well. Regardless of if you are doing weighted squats or bodyweight squats, a resistance band will add that extra level of tension in order to really feel that activation and power. During a squat, you can place your resistance band above your knee caps and proceed with the exercise. To build your glutes, resistance band placement above the kneecap or mid-thigh is usually a safe-zone for intended muscle building. If you really want to get low and feel it, try placing the band just below the knees. For floor exercises like fire clam shells, hydrants, bird dogs, donkey kicks, or straight leg lifts, keeping the resistance band somewhere above the knee or mid thigh can create the appropriate challenge to the exercise and promote glute activation and growth. Pretty much any kind of glute-focused resistance band exercises also act as a great glute activation for before you lift weights or workout, but can also be used while lifting. Ensuring that your resistance band is placed in the proper area can make all the difference when trying to really feel your glutes working and burning.

Although we here at COMMITTED HP strongly believe in the effectiveness of resistance bands, some people may be wondering, do glute bands really work? This question is not really a surprise, being that resistance bands are simple, cost-effective, portable, and basically just made of rubber. Do they really work? In our humble, slightly biased opinion, YES they most definitely do. I say we are slightly biased being that we sell our own, unique line of resistance bands called the Better Band that allows you to adjust the resistance of your band, while making it user/beginner-friendly with the easy hook-on element. We have incorporated experiences with athletic coaching and training and created a high-quality product that out performs any other resistance band out there. But, don’t take our word for it. We have tons of testimonials stating that the Better Band has made positive improvements to the effectiveness of our client’s workouts and has produced great results. Now, down to the nitty-gritty!

Using a resistance band for glutes is a popular way to not only activate and tone the glute muscles, but also to use in conjunction with weight lifting. For example, you can use a resistance band for bodyweight exercises like squats, lunges, side steps, straight leg kicks, etc. and it will add that extra level of difficulty and make the overall exercise more effective. Likewise, you can add a resistance band above your knee caps while doing exercises like weighted squats or lunges and again, it will increase the intensity of the workout and produce great results. The Better Band adds that additional physical resistance that will help to burn fat and increase strength.

Do they work? You will have to try it to believe it. Upon trying a resistance band out for the first time, it is easy to see and feel the physical difference that it makes. Resistance bands are great in the way they activate those smaller muscle groups and in turn, strengthen them and improve aspects of your body like stability, mobility, and physical awareness. Resistance bands have the potential to completely change your booty-gaining ways. Make a difference that you can really feel with our Better Band here at COMMITTED HP.

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  • The glutes are a group of muscles that can be divided into the three primary muscles — gluteus maximus, gluteus medius, and gluteus minimus —
    and six supporting muscles that lie underneath the gluteus muscles, known as the “deep six” or “lateral rotator group”. The best glute bands help to stabilize your body when you stand, push off to walk, or run, and balance when twisting your body.


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