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3 Big Reasons to Workout From Home

3 Big Reasons to Workout From Home

So what are these compelling reasons why I should workout from home?

1. You can more easily overcome barriers & inertia - By establishing easy ways to get started moving around your house, you can overcome the tendency to make excuses and skip workouts by doing something. I like to tell my clients, when in doubt, just warmup when you are feeling tired or unmotivated. From there the likelihood that you progress into a full workout is pretty high. If you still don’t feel like working out after the warmup then you probably need to rest and at least you did something.

2. You will train your brain to see more opportunities to move & create a new identity as someone who moves - We can use the psychological principles of "priming" and "sensory acuity" to train our brains and bodies to look for more opportunities to move throughout the day at home by establishing it is important to us. In the book Atomic Habits by James Clear, he says the most impactful way to create new habits and achieve goals is to create a new identity. By establishing an identity as a "mover" or someone who likes to move, you dramatically increase your opportunity to succeed.

3. You break free from the belief that you need a big gym full of expensive equipment to be successful - You can be tremendously successful (possibly even more successful) and also be more creative when you learn to train with body weight and a few versatile tools. It is fun, fast and effective training from home!

    So how do I get started?

    • Designate an official training or warm-up space in your house - Though we are big proponents of moving all around your home, having a designated place for warm-ups, quick routines and stretching is a great way to attune yourself to moving at home and also removing one of the barriers to training.
    • Get a few essential pieces of equipment - You really don't need much! We recommend a yoga mat, a few resistance bands and maybe a few select weights to start. 
    • Set an intention, write it down and tell your friends - As we hinted at throughout the article, the key to success is mostly psychological. By setting an intention and telling others that you are going to workout at home, you are telling your brain that this is important and we are going to do it. It works!
    • Check out these affordable training bundles designed to help you succeed at home!

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